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Download today's monster "Bixie" as a vector file.

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Download PDF

Download today's monster "Bixie" as a PDF file.
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About Custom Horror

Hi, I'm David. I'm a Freelance Graphics Designer, Illustrator and an Artist. Custom Horror is my alterego as an artist. Every day I'm offering a new digital monster free of charge, the available monster is chosen randomly from my collection of more than 500 monsters. Download them as PDF or EPS files and use any files you have collected as you please, even for commercial work. The files are licensed under the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution license. This means you just need to credit me to use the files. If you want to support me, I welcome you to buy art from my , to follow me on or on . Frankly I'm mostly active on Instagram.

Make Profit

Sell my vector monsters on t-shirts, cups or the likes. Use shops like , , and . Redesign the monsters or use them in your own designs or art and sell at shops like , and . Perhaps you can use the vector monsters to include in your latest work for a client. The possibilities are many.


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